4 Lawn Care Tips

For That Insta-Worthy Lawn

Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

Who doesn't love a well-kept lawn? A thick turf with lush green grass - seems like every homeowner's dream! However, it is not so easy.

Lawn maintenance requires proper time and effort. You need to pay attention to plenty of factors, such as aeration, scalping, moving, etc.

This post will walk you through some of the lawn care tips that are essential for a beautiful lawn.

Man seeding a green lawn with tool

Ensure Proper Seeding

Whenever you seed new areas, it is vital that you thicken the existing grass or overseed your lawn. If your lawn receives a lot of shade, or if yours is a high traffic area, over-seeding will help you maintain a thick turf.

Read the seed tag properly and understand it so that you can plant the seeds well. Once you overseed, ensure that you nurture the grass with extra care for the first few weeks.

Sprinklers watering a green lawn

Understand the Irrigation Needs

Different kinds of grass have different irrigation needs. As a rule of thumb, warm-weather grasses typically need almost 20% less water than cool-season grasses.

If you notice a gray or dull shade taking over your lawn, it is a clear sign that it needs water. Moreover, if you walk on the grass and your footprints don't disappear soon, it's time to water the lawn.

Man fertilizing a green lawn

Fertilize Your Lawn

The correct time to fertilize your lawn depends upon the type of grass. However, people generally feed their lawn just when its growth is about to peak.

Slow-release fertilizers with rich nitrogen content are great for lawns. Invest in a good quality fertilizer to ensure that your lawn remains nourished and is protected from heat or drought.

Lawn shaded by a large tree

Avoid Too Much Shade

Shade can hinder the growth of grass. If certain parts of your lawn do not receive adequate sunlight, the spot may remain bare or grow only a thin layer of grass.

In such situations, you could use special seeds that work well in limited light. You could even try pruning back some of the big trees blocking the sunlight.

Lawn maintenance can get tricky. However, the lush greens are worth all the effort. Without proper care, your grass will turn into a dull mess.

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Keep Your Lawn Looking Great