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Curb appeal is a big factor in your home’s value!

If you want to increase the curb appeal of your property, you might be wondering what features and improvements you will need to make to your home landscaping or commercial outdoor space. ProScapes can help you install the right improvements to make your curb appeal better than ever and increase the value of your residential or commercial property!

Landscaping can cost a pretty penny!

If you’ve been trying to plan out the cost of your commercial landscaping or find the best home landscaping processes, you need to work with ProScapes! There are various costs associated with landscaping installations, and you should have the right amount of money set aside in your budget for your overall landscaping needs.

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The difference between commercial and residential landscaping can be subtle, but knowing the best home landscaping and commercial landscaping management practices can help you see the differences between the two. At ProScapes, we can take care of your residential landscaping or your commercial landscaping needs.

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If you’re looking for good advice about your commercial landscaping care, look no further than ProScapes! We know how to help you to take care of your commercial landscaping and we can give you advice about how best to keep up that care in between our technician visits. Commercial landscaping is not difficult to care for if you know what to do between services.

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Commercial landscaping and residential landscaping are both important services to find the best home landscaping in your area. You need to be sure that you know how to take care of your landscaping when your gardening technicians are not present. ProScapes can take care of your home landscaping needs and help you learn how to care for it in between services.

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Gardening takes time. Planning, planting and propagating your heart’s desire of greenery flowing through your outdoor spaces is a rewarding pastime and the fruits of your efforts can be enjoyed every day.

If you’re prepared to plan ahead, an entire wall of greenery will fill your outdoor zone with a lush backdrop and, when used in an outdoor room or space adjacent to your home, connects the indoors with the outside areas to provide a seamless flow, extending your living areas.

Choose from longer-term options to create your garden wall or simpler solutions for instant wow factor. Depending on time, budget and the colour of your thumb once established a vertical garden can be relatively low maintenance.

1. Vertical garden kit

Kits are available to start your own vertical garden with everything included from the watering system and support structure through to pockets or tubs to hold your plants. Most are modular so can be built to fit into any space and plant pots can be changed in and out with the seasons and your taste.

2. Mix and match

For a...


Regardless of whether you’re a Marie Kondo-convert or minimalist declutterer, you simply can’t deny the life-changing magic of tidying up. A clutter-free household results in a clutter-free life, where keys are easy to find, toys are always put away and the household is significantly more manageable on a day-to-day basis.

However, clutter is not limited to the inside of a house. A garage can often become a cornucopia of tools both useful and broken, and a garden can be overrun with worn-down pots, while balls, bikes and all manner of toys are often left strewn across the lawn.

None of which makes for a garden of peace and serenity.

ProScapes has some excellent advice on how to cut a swathe of calm through your outdoor area with some simple decluttering tricks.

1. Pick your pots

“Collect all broken pots, and pots with dead plants in them. Sort the salvageable plants from the truly deceased and group them together in one place, and display your best pots as a group – then discard the trashy ones.”

2. Get a hold of the play equipment...


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