4 Reasons Why You Need Winter Landscaping Services

Most people consider landscaping as a summer-time service. But, when it comes to commercial landscaping services, the winter is just as important as the warmer months. At Proscapes in Minnesota, we specialize in caring for commercial properties all over Minneapolis. The winter in Minneapolis is harsh, so here are four reasons why you should consider bringing on Proscapes to provide your business with winter landscaping services.

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snow on trees

Some Plants Thrive in the Winter

While many plants lose their leaves, some plants actually grow underground during the cold months. During this time, it’s important to care for your plants (or have a professional commercial landscaping company do it for you)!

plants before winter in the fall

Evaluate the Health of Your Plants

Winter is the perfect time for a professional to evaluate the health of your landscaping. Without all of the clutter of leaves and other growth, winter allows for ease of access to evaluate the condition of your landscaping. Reach out to Proscapes today to get started!

snow removal

Snow Removal Services

Minneapolis gets a lot of snow, and getting it removed makes for ease of access to the building and can help to preserve your landscaping. If you are looking for snow removal services in Minneapolis, get started with Proscapes today!

snowy trees

Protect Your Landscaping

From removing snow to keeping rock and other aspects of your commercial landscaping protected and in great shape, Proscapes is committed to caring for you and your business. If you are looking for a commercial landscaping company, reach out to Proscapes today!

Whether you are caring for an office property or just trying to remove snow from your parking lot for easy access to the front door, Proscapes can help! For more information about our winter services and how we can help your landscaping to thrive, reach out to us today. We look forward to working with you!

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