Great Shrubs For Your Commercial Property

As a business in Minneapolis, looks matter. So much so that you may even lose customers if your property is in shoddy condition. Here at ProScapes, we offer wonderful commercial landscaping services, including snow removal, commercial landscaping services and maintenance, and flower and shrub care. Below, we'll take a look at some great shrubs to add to your commercial property that can create beauty, value, and distinctness you and your customers will love. Contact us for a free estimate today!

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Great Shrubs For Your Commercial Property

Arctic Fire Dogwood

You are probably familiar with Arctic Fire Dogwood even if you don't know its name. This beautiful shrub is characterized by its beautiful red stems that are popular in holiday decor and table settings. This is a small shrub that only reaches between three and five feet tall, which makes it perfect for commercial properties. It is hardy and produces berries and white flowers in the spring. It does great with partial sunlight and in full light, too.


Burning Bush

So named due to their intense red color, Burning Bush shrubs are extremely popular as they add a much-needed burst of color to many commercial properties. This ornamental shrub can grow to 20 feet tall, so regular pruning by a professional commercial landscape company is essential to keep this shrub in check. It does lose its leaves in the fall and is a popular habitat for birds and other critters during the warmer months in Minnesota.



If you are looking for gold, you've found it with Forsythia. This beautiful, bright-yellow flowering shrub is known for its low maintenance and fast-growing characteristics. The bright yellow flowers that appear in the spring are a delight to all, and bees and butterflies love their blooms. They go great in your overall commercial landscape design and can even be the centerpiece if you so choose. Contact our commercial landscape design company in Minneapolis for more information today.


Serviceberry Trees

The Serviceberry Tree is a beautiful large shrub that casts the world with white spring flowers that are followed by fruit, which are a boon to birds of all types. This shrub can grow to a height of 25 feet and spread just as wide. It grows at a medium rate and prefers full or partial sunlight for optimal growth. Just as beautiful in the fall as in the spring, the Serviceberry Tree's leaves turn vivid red and gold, and is a beautiful shrub to add to your commercial property. Learn more today.


When your business boasts a beautiful walkway lined with flowers and a property with blooming shrubs or ones that turn vivid colors of the rainbow in the fall, customers are naturally attracted to it. Commercial landscaping is a wonderful way to add curb appeal for your business, and many businesses in Minneapolis are known for their bright, attractive properties. Any sort of branding and/or advertising is welcome these days to help set your business apart from all the others. Set out a few picnic tables and let everyone enjoy the beauty that surrounds them.

ProScapes is your go-to commercial landscape design company in Minneapolis. Founded in 1958, we've developed a reputation for offering the best commercial landscape maintenance services. We ensure our customers' needs are met by offering the best service at affordable prices and using up-to-date technology, innovations, and designs. We keep abreast of the latest landscaping trends and techniques, so your commercial landscape can shine. If you are looking for the best commercial landscaping services in Minneapolis, contact us today!

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