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Taking Care of Your Commercial Landscaping

If you’re looking for good advice about your commercial landscaping care, look no further than ProScapes! We know how to help you to take care of your commercial landscaping and we can give you advice about how best to keep up that care in between our technician visits. Commercial landscaping is not difficult to care for if you know what to do between services.

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Don’t let standing water ruin your lawn!

Handle Standing Water

Standing water from clogged drains or other drainage issues can lead to damaged plants and grass. If you have clogged walkways, drains, or gutters, that are causing pooling water, you will need to have someone come and take care of this issue before your landscaping is damaged. ProScapes can help, just call us today!

Direct traffic to where they need to go

Post Signs for Foot Traffic

If you have issues with people walking across planter beds or across the lawn in ways that are damaging the plants, you can post signs to help prevent damage. You want to discourage people from walking on your plants if at all possible because it is quite common for people to walk across an open space without regard to plants or grass.

Trees provide shade and biodiversity

Plant Trees

Planting trees can help to shade areas of your landscaping from excessive heat so that you can keep flowers and plants thriving, even when they don’t handle heat or excessive sunlight well. Having lots of flowers in front of your business can be very inviting, but the heat from the building and walkways can kill them without some trees to offer some shade.

 Garbage on your lawn can damage your plants and curb appeal

Keep Garbage Cleaned Up

Garbage and debris can damage plants and shrubs, as well as your lawn. Make sure that you don’t let trash collect on the ground from people who didn’t throw items away in the proper receptacles. Trash not only looks awful, but it can also harm your landscaping.

Be Sure to Plan for Care Between Services

Taking care of your commercial landscaping is a good way to keep costs down in between services. A lot of the items on this list require a small daily effort and can save you a lot of money on replacing plants and lawns due to damage caused by people using the common spaces at your business incorrectly. ProScapes can help you to manage your commercial landscaping needs.

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