Taking Care of Your Home Landscaping

Commercial landscaping and residential landscaping are both important services to find the best home landscaping in your area. You need to be sure that you know how to take care of your landscaping when your gardening technicians are not present. ProScapes can take care of your home landscaping needs and help you learn how to care for it in between services.

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Raking and cleaning up leaves from your yard will help keep it healthy

Clean Up Leaves

Sweeping leaves and other debris up in between services can help keep lawns from getting brown or soggy. Leaves and debris can also make walkways slippery, which can be a safety issue. You should make sure that you keep up on clearing away leaves and other plant debris in your yard.

Sprinklers are a great way to water on a schedule!

Water on a Schedule

Watering your flowers, lawn, and other garden features on a schedule matters. You need to be sure that you do not forget to water or your plants can suffer, especially in the summer. Likewise, make sure you are not watering too much during the wetter times of the year to avoid damage to your plants.

Water and prune your gardens to keep them healthy

Maintain Flowers

If you have lots of flowers in your yard, you may need to trim off the dead heads of flowers and provide fertilizer to the plants in your yard in between professional services. Your flowers might need more care than what a yard service can give them during the spring and summer, so make sure to ask your landscape crew about specific care needs for your plants.

Make sure your patio or landscape doesn’t have standing water

Manage Drainage Issue

If you have a drainage issue that is causing pooling in your yard, you need to handle the moisture with a solution as soon as possible. You should make sure that this issue is attended to before your yard is ruined. Call ProScapes today to learn more about how our crews can help you manage any water drainage problems.

Caring for Your Yard is a Year-Round Process

Caring for your yard is a big job. At ProScapes, we want to make sure that you’re set up for success in caring for your yard and garden year-round! Make sure that you work with us at ProScapes for your yard care needs.

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