The Average Cost of Landscaping

If you’ve been trying to plan out the cost of your commercial landscaping or find the best home landscaping processes, you need to work with ProScapes! There are various costs associated with landscaping installations, and you should have the right amount of money set aside in your budget for your overall landscaping needs.

Hourly costs depend on the services

Hourly Costs

Some jobs will be billed at an hourly rate, while others will be billed as flat fees, usually charged for routine care. Hourly costs can also be billed at a per-square-foot rate. The national average for hourly charges is $50-$100 and the average cost per square foot is $4-$12. You will find different rates are charged for flat fee services because these are related to the activities that are included in the services you’re paying for.

Don’t break your piggy bank over your landscape

Total Cost

The total cost for an entire backyard or a complete commercial landscaping project can vary wildly when you consider any kind of exotic plants or fancy planters and custom installations. You will find that a reliable average cost for most of these projects is between $3,000-$15,000. You should budget for a basic job and then figure out how much you want to add for upgrades. When you work with ProScapes, you’ll get a detailed, transparent quote during the initial design phase of your project.

Fish ponds and fountains can drive up your landscape costs

Ponds and Fountains

These features can add a lot of cost to your overall bid. You might need to spend about $2,500-$5,000 for an addition like a pond or fountain. Water features can also add costs to your upkeep in some cases, so you should consider if you want to pay for the continued maintenance for these items before you commit to adding it to your installation. ProScapes will help you determine the initial and upkeep costs if you’re considering a water feature.

Mowing can be a cost added monthly to your budget

Maintenance Costs

If you want to have a company care for your landscaping, the costs are usually charged monthly. The average cost for a maintenance service, per month, is between $100-$300. The number of areas that need to be mowed and the number of plants that need special care can add to this total, so be sure to call ProScapes to ask about your yard’s unique maintenance needs and potential costs!

Landscaping is an Investment

Both installing and caring for landscaping can be expensive, you should always stick to your budget if you’re planning to make changes or add to your yard or commercial outdoor space. Work with ProScapes for all your landscaping installation and care needs!

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