The Difference Between Commercial vs Residential Landscaping

The difference between commercial and residential landscaping can be subtle, but knowing the best home landscaping and commercial landscaping management practices can help you see the differences between the two. At ProScapes, we can take care of your residential landscaping or your commercial landscaping needs.

Hand watering isn’t possible on commercial lawn spaces

Water Supply

Residential irrigation often requires far less water than commercial installations will. This is usually because a residential yard will be smaller than common spaces in commercial settings. You will need an adequate water supply for commercial settings if you want to have lots of lawn or large garden spaces.

Automated lawn maintenance is key for commercial spaces


Commercial installations are planted and designed to allow for automated system can take care of them for the most part. Residential systems can be set up this way, too, but it’s not always ideal. Homeowners often want to be able to change what is planted in some locations and the watering cycle that was set up automatically might not be right for these needs.

Foot traffic can affect your landscape

Considerations for Foot Traffic

Commercial settings have to be designed for foot traffic. Businesses must assume that people will walk on lawns and through planter beds without regard for the plans that are planted there. At home, you will be very unlikely to walk on your own flowers or planted items so you can add items that will not survive in commercial settings.

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Borders on Planters

In commercial settings, you cannot get too fancy with borders on planter boxes due to foot traffic and the risk of slips or falls. In residential settings, you can install fancy planter boxes and more custom options if you wish.

Commercial and Residential Landscaping Are Different

Planning out commercial landscaping is a very different process than planning out residential location needs. There is more flexibility with residential installations and the cost can be higher with regard to commercial plans due to the area that might need to be cared for weekly or biweekly. ProScapes can take care of all of your landscaping needs for commercial or residential settings.